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Wall Mount Volume Control for Algo IP Speakers

The 1204 Volume Control is a ten-position rotary control for Algo IP speakers and the 8301 IP paging adapter. Installed in a single gang face plate, the 1204 offers convenient wall mount adjustment of volume, including muting. The accessory connects to the relay input of an Algo IP endpoint.

Audio such as voice announcements, alert tones and music can be controlled without the need to access the web interface of the IP endpoint. The rotary control can be set to one of ten positions, including 1 (mute) and 10 (maximum) for volume. Only the volume of the connected endpoint is controlled by the 1204.

The 1204 Volume Control switch position is read by the Algo IP endpoint and is fully supervised for disconnect or wiring faults. The relay input of the Algo endpoint has the ability to measure external impedance, allowing for supervision and the detection of states well beyond an open or closed switch.

Where wall mount volume control and muting is desired, the 1204 Volume Control is ideal for conference or meeting rooms, school classroom or office.


  • Wall mount volume control and muting of Algo IP speakers in a conference or meeting room, school classroom, office, etc.
  • Single volume control of a legacy analog paging system via an Algo 8301 paging adapter.