2506 Polycom VVX Ring Detector

VVX Telephone Loud Ringing & Visual Alerting With No Seat Cost On A Cloud-Based Telephone System

The 2506 Polycom VVX Ring Detector is designed to specifically enable any Algo IP speaker, strobe light or the 8301 paging adapter to interface via the headset jack of VVX series Polycom telephones for the loud ringing or visual alerting.

The advantage of 2506 is no additional seat registration on the cloud / hosted telephone system is required for the ring detector and the Algo IP endpoint, thereby avoiding a recurring monthly cost.

With an Algo IP speaker such as the 8180 SIP Audio Alerter or outdoor rated 8186 SIP Horn Speaker, loud ringing in noisy or outdoor locations will avoid missed telephone calls. In very high noise or noise-sensitive environments, the 8128 SIP Strobe Light can be used with the 2506 Polycom VVX Ring Detector.

It is also easy to combine an Algo IP speaker and strobe light using an available relay in the endpoint device or use its multicast feature.